Pixel Combat 2 Unblocked

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Game Description

Pixel Combat 2 is an unblocked mini gunfight and action game. Players who love action and combat will be addicted to this game.

The game has both a multiplayer mode and an endless training mode with no time limits. When starting the game, first create a personal profile for yourself. Choose your personal character and determine the continent you will play on. Your main goal in the game is to survive and achieve victory by killing all enemies. There are effective weapons and fun maps in the game. You have to kill a large number of enemies to unlock the locked maps and weapons. You have to be very careful and fast in this game which is not as simple as you think.

Kill all enemies and win the game and become a killing machine. Have fun.



To shoot: Left Mouse Button

To steer: Arrow or WASDR Keys

For quick weapon change: Use the numbers on the keyboard.

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