Geometry Dash Classic Unblocked

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Game Description

Geometry Dash Classic is a fun game that you can play unobstructed on both mobile devices and PCs.

The game consists of 21 levels, but not all of them are open, but after the player earns a certain amount of secret money in the first 3 levels, it becomes possible to play the game.

You can control our hero by pressing a button or tapping the touch screen. If a player touches an obstacle, you will start the passage of the level all over again. However, you can set save points and get a chance to start from that saved point.

Obstacles in floors are not just protrusions. Various portals will have trampolines, hanging spheres, and obstacles that can prevent the successful passing of the level by changing the shape of the hero or the speed of his movement. You can achieve victory in the game if you successfully overcome these obstacles. Have fun !!!

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