Downtown 1930s Mafia Unblocked

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Game Description

Downtown 1930s Mafia unblocked is one of the most played games recently for gamers who love conflict and mafia games.

When starting the game, first create a personal mob profile for yourself. Choose the car you will drive and your character's outfit. Your goal in the game is to fight for survival against mafia from all over the world. In the America of the 1930s, you had to create your own gang on the streets. You will be one of the migrant gangs on the street. He robbed banks, smuggled to buy more powerful weapons and mob members, and made money illegally. Be the most powerful mafia leader in America !!!

Start this fun game right away and have a good time. You will be addicted to this game in a very short time. Have fun.


WASD or arrow keys = walk / drive

E = crouch

G = greetings, wave friendly

H = open the help panel with all this controls

F = enter / exit car, sit anywhere

R = repair car

U = car upside reset

T = reset stuck car

RETURN / ENTER = focus chat

K = invite friends

CTRL + L = dancing a little swing

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