Amazing Strange Rope Police SPIDERMAN Unblocked

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Game Description

In the unblocked Amazing Strange Rope Police Spiderman, it's up to you to fight the criminals in the city and kill your bosses with the famous Peter Benjamin Parker.

Your goal in the game is to protect people against criminals in the city. Protecting people may not be as simple as you think. Because very dangerous enemies and criminals will be waiting for you. Use spider webs to navigate buildings with Peter Parker and watch the city from above and quickly reach the scene. There are a few special innovations in the game, one of which is that you can dress your character in a different color than normal clothes. Choose the color of the outfit according to your taste and start the game.

You will get addicted to this enjoyable game in a very short time. Now it's play time !!! Have fun.


WASD or arrow keys: move

C: switch vehicle camera

F: open car

R: open nearby shop

G: grenade

T: open nearby garage

Q: shoot web

Right click: laser

Left click: shoot or punch

Space bar: jump

Left shift: run

X: switch weapons

Z: switch grenade

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