1 on 1 Tennis Unblocked

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Game Description

1 vs 1 Tennis Unblocked is a fun game designed for those who love to play tennis. Did you know that the interest in tennis has increased recently? We are sure that when you start this game you will be addicted to tennis sport.

To briefly explain the rules of the game, all you need to know is to hold the ball on the playing field. The game consists of 10 sets. To win the game, you need to get more points against your opponent in every set you play. Do not use more than 1 false free throw. Your main goal in the game is to send the ball regularly to your opponent's court. You will face very strong opponents in this very simple and fun game. Remember that you need 7 points to achieve victory.

Now is the time to start tennis. Start playing now !!! Have fun.



Move: Arrow Keys

To hit the ball: Left mouse button

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